The face in the wall

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What do you see in this photograph … it appeared on the bedroom wall of an ancient cottage in the Midlands and despite redecorating it cannot be hidden


Do you believe in GHOSTS? Or do you think the supernatural is super Fake News? begins a major series  about  hauntings and those who investigate them … we have a terrifying story about POSSESSION, a paranormal investigator explains why her group wants to find the remains of a VICTIM of  Ian Brady and Myra Hindley  … we have a probe into the history of ghost-hunting, a TV MEDIUM  tells why he believes, a SCEPTIC explains why she doesn’t… and we have a startling example of EVP … but is it real?

Our hunt for THE TRUTH about ghosts begins tomorrow (Friday 10th February 2017) with the compelling and very personal story of a couple’s battle against POSSESSION – the investigations takes off next week!

Read it at – then tell us your own haunting stories – we promise to publish them!





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