The line of stupidity… driver fined thousands for parking on double-yellows he demanded!

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A father has driven into big trouble over the double yellow lines he demanded on his street.


Scott Taylor says he is more than £4,000 in debt after getting fine after fine for parking outside his house.

Scott had himself demanded the lines in Mayan Avenue, Salford, after saying his four-year-old daughter was knocked down by a car and injured.

He wanted them to reduce the number of cars parking on the street, making it safer.

Salford Council painted the double yellows in the street almost two years ago – but Scott has continued to park outside his house, on the lines.

Scott and his wife Casey (pictured) insist that the lines were painted outside his home by mistake.

But Salford council say the fines had been issued correctly – and that Scott has no need to park on the lines because there is unrestricted parking elsewhere on the street.

The 33-year-old also has his own driveway but seems to have a skip blocking access. A truck has also been seen parked on the pavement blocking access to pedestrians.

But Scott says his car insurance states his vehicle has to be left outside his house at night.

He said: “I’ve had about £4,000 in parking tickets and I’ve had to pay a bailiff £400 when he clamped my car.

“How can I leave my car somewhere else when it says in my insurance that it’s parked outside my house at night? I’m getting in a lot of debt.

“I want them to come out and fix it. I feel like they are just fobbing me off.”

Salford council did not confirm or deny that the lines had been painted outside Mr Taylor’s home by mistake but  insisted that the fines were correct.

A spokesman for Salford City Council said: “This section of parking restrictions was put in to protect access to Southworth Court for emergency vehicles and refuse trucks when the traffic order was made in November 2017.

“All the properties on Mayan Avenue have off road parking and a significant length of the road is not restricted so there is no reason for anyone to park illegally.

“The  parking fines have been correctly issued. We are happy to discuss this issue with Mr Taylor to try and find a resolution.”

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