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Holiday letting boss who says he will ‘fine’ you if you make a noise after 11pm

An English holiday home owner on the Costa Blanca who lets his three-storey villa out to families across Europe threatened to ‘report’ his ex-pat neighbours for playing their radio after 11pm.

And then in an incredible outburst he claimed he ‘fined’ his own guests if they made a noise at night.

The middle-aged entrepreneur who earns thousands a year from his 1990s house on an urbanisation next to the coast road, regularly allows young  families of up to seven spend a fortnight’s holiday there.

But neighbours say he denies there is any noise and disruption for people who live on the site because he ‘trusts the woman three doors away to keep an eye on things’.

The man – on a rare visit to the urbanisation – caused a scene when the  couple who rented the house next door to his for three months were listening to the radio at 11pm.

He ranted at them from the adjoining balcony, saying that he and his wife couldn’t sleep because the music was ‘booming’ off the wall of the house opposite their bedroom.

The next door neighbour said afterwards: “We were actually listening to six-inch blue-tooth speaker attached to a laptop in our bedroom – it was so quiet it couldn’t have disturbed anybody. We had placed it on the wall of the balcony weeks ago and gone downstairs to make sure it wasn’t too loud. It just wasn’t a problem.”

The couple pointed out to the Brit landlord that they’d had to put up with his guests having a good time in the early hours for months.

“He’s been coining it in for months and we’ve had to put up with screaming kids, drunken parties, arguing couples and all sorts of annoying behaviour.

“The house has cast iron security gates inside and in the early hours of the morning they are being crashed and clanged. And because the place has tiled floors every time the furniture is moved it grates like god’s moving his furniture.

“Depending on where his guests are we have to move bedrooms and wear ear plugs!Most of the time we just put up with it because people are on holiday and they work hard for the rest of the year for their two week break.

“But then he and his wife came back to tidy up after their last lot of visitors and like always we were having a glass of wine on the balcony listening to radio 2.  And suddenly he poked his head over the wall at 11.15pm and started haranguing us!

“We couldn’t believe it!

“He said that he fined people like us for disturbing others and if he was our landlord he’d withhold our deposit. We asked him how he expected his house to be quiet when he rented it out to mothers with five or six children.

“And he came out with this incredible lie and sexist statement – he said he would never rent to lone mothers!”

He then told the couple to complain to a middle-aged woman a few doors away who does his cleaning for him.

It’s left them with one question begging … can a holiday let landlord really fine his guests for making a noise. What does the say?


We actually know the estate you are talking about and you are right, it stands on a  notoriously noisy road with thousands of vehicles a day thundering by.

Also, the houses are terraced and like most of that style in Spain they are built on concrete raft floors with very little sound-proofing at all, so it is very easy to disturb your neighbours.

And that of course has to be taken into consideration when answering your question.

In simple terms, no, he could not withhold a guest’s deposit if he had received a complaint about noise.

Firstly, how many ‘offences’ of being noisy had happened? How loud was the noise? What did it come from? Just people talking – or a disco?

Secondly, how could the landlord quantify the ‘offence’ monetarily… how much is playing a radio in you bedroom at 11pm worth in penalty terms?

Thirdly, what evidence does he have as he lives in another country?

Fourth, were the police called? Disturbing the peace is a police matter in most  countries, but would the police really be bothered about  a blue-tooth speaker in a bedroom being used way before midnight?

Even if you had signed a clause in your holiday contract saying you would forfeit your deposit for the ridiculous ‘crime’ of listening to a radio programme it would be likely to be unenforceable.

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