They thought it was all over – but ex soccer stars get a new goal in homes revolution

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Sometimes when life sticks the boot in you can need a bit of help to find a new  goal.

Well, the is championing an initiative which is offering a chance to everybody – people desperate to build a new life, those wanting a first home.

And former soccer players looking for something new to get stuck in to.

Europe’s most innovative construction industry trainer has opened its doors to people who have had a raw deal … and some of the first through are footballers fallen on hard times through, for instance, injury.

Engineering Real Results fast-tracks thousands of people a year into lucrative construction trade jobs.

And the run-down properties they train on  are part of a rent-to-buy deal which is eclipsing the government’s own ailing scheme.

The Professional Footballers Association – which offers rehabilitation and counselling to ex-players – is already sending ex-footballers along to learn new skills.

Jason Lee, the PFA  rehabilitation chief, said: “This really is a welcome addition to the opportunities available to our members. It is something to celebrate.”

The college has spent three years buying up neglected and derelict properties across the UK  in a multi-million pound move which gives people a way round restrictive Government legislation.

The scheme –  which uses state-of-the-art virtual reality to train people at home –  actually allows students to comply with Government rules which demand apprentices carry out 100 hours practical training, getting them to complete their qualifications in weeks rather than years.

The ERR deal has just helped change the down-trodden reputation of Eastwood, a Nottinghamshire town famous for being home to one of Britain’s most ‘shameful’ Victorian writers.

The ERR apprentices have rebuilt one of Eastwood’s most historic buildings turning it in to a number of luxury apartments.
The financial angel behind the scheme, Dr Jan Telensky, from Bedfordshire, who has invested in business opportunities all over the world, said: “This is a business that cares, a college which uses state of the art training methods, including virtual reality, to fast-track builders of the future into the qualifications that give them the best chance of getting jobs.
“Now it is offering a straight-forward scheme which can actually leave first-time buyers with money in their pockets.”
Jason Lee, The former Premier League star, who attended the opening of the new apartments said: “We’ve already got a number of former players who retired through injury who have been through the training. Some have already been buying up neglected properties, restoring them and turning them into businesses for the future.”

ERR has also  pledged to help people who have fallen on hard times for many reasons, including the breakdown of relationships. Dr Telensky says: “Things go wrong people in their lives, it is an unavoidable fact and I think a company like ours should do something to help them in any way we can. I read a lot at the about parental alienation where families fall apart so badly parents become separated from their children because of bitterness and feuding.

“If we can help somebody rebuild their lives, indirectly we can help bring families back together again.”

Because of this ERR is offering interest-free loans to students.

Hundred of thousands of people in the UK have bought houses using former chancellor George Osborne’s Help to Buy equity loan scheme and the taxpayer has lent them £10bn, an average of £55,000 each but has come under fire as a cash-cow for big construction companies – Persimmon for instance revealed  a record-breaking £1bn profit last year with almost half of its house sales made through the taxpayer-funded help-to-buy scheme.

People who rent-to-buy are offered interest-free loans for properties selling in the North for as little as  £70,000 with a rent of £450 – and in Luton, on outskirts of London, one-bed apartment selling for £80-190,000, renting at about £850.

It works because the company buys properties cheaply and labour costs are low because of training. 

If house prices drop, the renter can continue to rent after the three-year period without penalty until house prices pick up again to an acceptable level.

There is also of course the fact they can leave the scheme without any penalty under the option to buy or not.

The scheme improves existing housing stock, supplies new homes, trains construction workers and helps people get the deposit so many need to get a family home.


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