Time for a bit of Trumpy-pumpy as Donald wins the American erection

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Well, most of the world seems to accept that Donald Trump is a bit of a loose cannon … but is he really porn to be wild?

Pornhub, the world’s biggest adult entertainment site, has revealed that the fourth most searched-for term in its empire of smut is Donald Trump…

In a single most shocking revelation, not only has The Donald won the hearts and minds of the great US proletariat, he’s won over their gentleman’s sausages too!

But, of course, it’s not only men who desire a bit of online hanky-panky, women are also at it – and particularly in the UK.

In fact, the UK has retained its position on top for prolific porn viewing – and, it appears, we have more staying power than any other country in the EU.

Statistics   show that – while we are still some way behind America – we watched more porn videos than most other countries.

Canada came in third place, followed by India, Japan, France and Germany, as a staggering 92 billion videos were watched around the world.

And as for to the length of each individual session , the British stuck around longer per visit than any other European country, spending an average of 9 minutes and 40 seconds per visit. 

This is a minute longer than Germans and two minutes longer than Cuba!

Bizarre results have also appeared around the most increased searches globally, ranging from Star Wars Suicide Squad character Harley Quinn to burglars and robbers, as well as a new craze of ‘giantesses’. ‘British chav’ also made a significant climb up the rankings.

Statistics showed that London leads the way for Pornhub traffic, followed by Birmingham, Manchester, Glasgow and Liverpool.

The most popular celebrity searched for on the site was Kim Kardashian followed closely by Mr Trump.

For the second year in a row, ‘lesbian’ was the number one search term in the world.

For men, the most searched for terms were milf, step mom and step sister.

And virtual reality porn has also had a huge increase, with Pornhub launching its own VR category – which initially only had 30 videos.

By the end of the year the category had over 1,800 videos, and counting.


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