Does time simply slip away – or can we really travel back to the future?

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Have you ever thought what life would be without time?

If you were to look in a dictionary, time would be explained as ‘a measurement for the purpose of order’.

In fact time is such an integral part of our lives we would be lost without the 24 hour clock. From the very beginning man has been looking for ways to place order into life. From the sundial, to the hourglass – all the way to modern crystal-quartz driven time pieces dividing up the moments for our own convenience.

But is ‘time’ a precise science? How could it be?

It is only the way we order our lives. Time is a man-made concept that we want to accept as a constant.

But what if it is not? What if we could dip in and out of ‘time’ at will? What if time did not exist in the way we think it does?

Making sense of all the theories, could take a life time!

I would like to draw your attention to some events that challenge the concept of time. Events that would be very hard to explain if you think of time as a straight line.

We would be on a fixed journey from birth starting from the moment we were born, ending the day we pass on to spirit. This is how my concept of time was until I started discovering people who had experiences with places or events that could not be explained by time being a constant.

These experiences pointed to time being a ‘circle’ not a straight line. If time was a circle we could dip in and out of the present.

Maybe at will or by pure chance, just by being in the right place at the right ‘time’. The very fact that time has no beginning or end, is hard enough. But when time does not act in the way we expect it to this opens up a different way of seeing time.

The following stories are true, told to me by ordinary people who were just living their lives when something happened to them to make them ask the question … could it be possible to slip either forward or back in time?

Story one happened in the late Seventies.

John was an ordinary man. His life revolved around working and looking after his elderly mother. He would, every Saturday, turn on his small black and white television, settle back and watch the afternoon sport. This was his time that no one would interfere with.

Turning on his television at one o’clock, the normal programming had been changed to make room for a breaking news story. The power station that he passed everyday on his way to work had exploded. Several people had been badly injured. The pictures showed black smoke pouring from the building, fire engines, ambulances and police cars surrounding the scene.

It was like watching a disaster movie. The news programme finished and the normal Saturday afternoon sports took over. John thought nothing more about this until six o clock.

Deciding to put the news back on for an up-date, he was surprised to see nothing more was said about the power station. Thinking this was rather strange he phoned his brother.

The conversation was rather odd. John asked his brother if he had seen the earlier news about the explosion. And although his brother had watched the same one o ‘clock news he had seen nothing.

John was left confused, he had no way of working out what had happened. Had he dreamt the whole thing? It wasn’t until the following Saturday that the very same news flash was on again. This time John phoned his brother straight away. His brother was watching in disbelief. Had John foreseen the events at the power station one whole week before they happened?

If there is another explanation I would really like to hear it.

Story two is a little less dramatic but never the less just as baffling.

Neil Adams, the current manager of football championship side Norwich City had an experience that he can offer no explanation for.

As a young professional footballer Neil was always nervous the night before a game. Sleeping could be difficult. But as Neil recalls this night he had no trouble getting to sleep. In a very clear cognitive dream Neil was in the middle of the game he was about to play the following afternoon.

He could see the bright blue sky, the white cotton wool clouds, even the faces of the spectators behind the goal.

In his dream he was standing behind the ball about to take a free kick on the edge of the opponent’s penalty box. He could see the sky, the faces of the opposite team that stood before him, even the green of the goalkeeper’s jersey. He placed the white ball down very carefully before curling it up and over the wall, beyond the stretching grasp of the goalkeeper into the top left-hand corner of the goal.

Neil felt the rush of adrenaline as the leather ball smacked against the back of the net, the crowd roared.

Neil woke up. It had all been a dream.

The next day was match day. Neil can’t remember too much about the game until the second half when his team won a free kick on the edge of their opponents’ penalty box. In a flash the moment came back to him, the same sky, the same faces, everything was like it had been the night before. He carefully placed the ball down, like he had done in his dream, looked at the same green jersey on the goalkeeper, Neil just knew the outcome even before he had kicked the ball. He knew he was about to score, the order of events happened just as he had visualised the night before in his dream, only this time he scored for real – a surreal moment that Neil has never forgotten.

So did Neil go forward in time to watch an event happen 12 hours in advance?

Again I’m willing to listen to any alternative explanations but I personally believe that dreams can lead us to make the correct choices, especially if you consider that everything that has happened is already in the consciousness. If the universe stores events, then what is stopping us accessing ‘The Future’?

Dreams are sometimes the only way to gain this knowledge. Our daily lives do not always allow us to think about the future. When we sleep most of us do not have control over were our dreams take us. But some dreams do stand out, remain clear even after waking, or something triggers the recall.

Maybe when we sleep we suspend our human understanding of time. Logic never seems to play a part in the dreams, in fact all the understandings of the things we are told or believe in the waking world can be challenged. Just ask Neil.

The first two examples of time slips were about going forward in time.

Story three is about going back in time. In the Charlie Chaplin film ‘The Circus’, there is a scene at the beginning where people are filmed walking along a path outside the circus. As the crowd moves along, the camera picks up a person dressed as a woman, her clothes are dark, a long skirt, jacket, hat and very large shoes. Which look odd on a lady. But much more eye catching is what looks like a mobile phone placed to her right ear. This film was made in 1927!

If you would like to see this for yourself you can by going to ‘YouTube’, put in ‘Charlie Chaplin time traveller’. Watch it for yourself. I have many times but still can’t think of a logical explanation.

So by now you might be questioning what time is.

How relevant time is to us? Could we change the course of our lives if we really do get a glimpse of the future?

The simple answer is yes. To understand the future is to make the right choices now. In this next example something as simple as a piece of music can warn us about an event that is about to happen.

Why do you think you like one thing better than another? For example, music can be full of personal memories. But what if those memories were not just from this life time?

If you consider that you may live many life-times, some things common to you today in your current life will still be familiar to you from past lives and even future lives. The sun has always been there. Bird song, the sea, landscapes, things throughout history that have never changed. We may go from life to life but nature stays the same.

. The ‘Ground Hog’ theory suggests that we can be placed in a time loop. This means we would live the same life-time, many times over. Events could become very familiar. (Deja vu, or the feeling of knowing something you shouldn’t.)

That inner voice saying “no do not”. We have all experienced this. But could it be because we have already suffered from the consequence of making a wrong choice? Or choosing to be in the wrong place at the wrong time cutting our life short.

This is David’s story

David’s work took him all over England. It would be very normal for him to drive over five-hundred miles in a day. The roads become like old friends, he knew every bend, exit and slip road on all the main motorways. Although David did not mind driving he found it boring, the radio was often turned off.

David would download all of his favourite songs on to a MP3 player. His personal player had over three hundred songs pre-loaded. He would simply plug it into his car radio, hit the random play option then sit back and wait to listen to what songs played.

Like anything that is chosen by chance it could take months before some songs came round, whilst others would seem to be played on a regular basis.

One song a particular favourite by Fleetwood Mac was very seldom selected. In fact David could hardly recall having heard the song.

Then on this particular day he was driving on the motorway when this song by Fleetwood Mac suddenly came on. Like most of us, a smile came over David’s face he started to sing along slowing down so he could enjoy one of his favourite tunes. At that very moment a lorry carrying iron girders took the bend too sharply, shedding its load   right in front of him.

Now this could have just been coincidence but the song had slowed him down enough to avoid being killed.

David believed that the reason that one song stood out to him was because it would have been playing at the time of his death, he could have re- lived this moment many times before, it was just this time something inside had told him to slow down and he had listened to that thought. Could that thought have been placed in David’s head from the future? Was it David’s destiny to keep repeating the same life time until he listened to his inner voice?

We might never know but it does raise the question do we repeat the same life-time until we make the right choices? I know plenty of people who could be going round and round if it’s true.

Watching out for signs or choosing to listen to that inner voice could just be enough to break the cycle.

Time has always fascinated me since I was a child. My beliefs are that you can move forward or backward in time but it’s seldom we get to choose when it happens. Learning to understand the role past lives and future lives play in the overall picture can benefit us, but we might have to challenge our own concepts on time to explore these possibilities.

Who knows you might have already done so at some time and that knowledge is just waiting there for you when you’re ready spot the signs or ask the right questions.  

Dominic. J. Zenden.

Author ‘My Childhood Room.’


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