Time to talk sense with Poprad’s man of vision, Dr Jan Telensky…


Dr Jan Telensky is a man who likes to talk – and his track record shows that he talks sense.

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Dr Jan Telensky is a man who likes to talk – and his track record shows that he talks sense.

And last night he met  business people from Poprad and surroundings in the historic enclave of Velka.

The event, organised by the British Business Council Slovakia, was really like going back to the future for Dr Telensky.

More than fifteen years ago he created AquaCity-Poprad which was soon to be regularly voted the world’s greenest hotel.

It is built to  run on geothermal and renewable energy and opened in 2005. And since then it’s reputation has risen with the need to sustain the planet.

AquaCity itself won the title of  Europe’s Leading Green Hotel five years running. And it won World’s Leading Green Resort in the World Travel Awards.

He also has the elegant Horizont and Hills hotels nearby.

And last night he  chatted with business people from the area about the future. His talk was headlined as How We Can All Work Together.

Dr Telensky told Poprad: “I believe we should strive for a clearly defined objective and make the possible impossible without an excuse,..

“This city is a place with a future and has changed dramatically for the better over the decades. But we need to go on to the next stage and I want to talk to business people here, share their visions and thoughts. I believe in the tremendous potential of Slovakia and  its role in the future of Europe.”

Dr Telensky met his wife in Poprad and it was because of her family that he first saw his own ecological vision of the future. They had showed him the blow-hole of the  subterranean thermal lake which was about to buoy up his future.

The British Business Council has its Slovak base in Poprad, because its members believe it is a place of  great opportunities  http://bbcslovakia.uk/

And Dr Telensky banged the drum for tourism in Slovakia, saying that it is where the future lies for this country of rivers and lakes, castles and history, villages and mountains.

He said: “Already tourism and allied industries employ so many people in this country that has so much to offer, It is our past that offers our future, people already come here and wonder at its beauty.”
But he also said that communication and trust were things that Slovakia needs to work on as Brexit pushes ahead and major economies like Germany face serious problems.

“We need to tell people who we are and what we can do as others around us face crisis. Above all we should trust each other and be honest.”

Local musician and songwriter Roman Vitkovsky will be supplying the entertainment. Roman has recently had his music featured in two Hollywood movies.


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One thought on “Time to talk sense with Poprad’s man of vision, Dr Jan Telensky…

  1. I wish I could have been there. I’m sure Dr Telensky’s vision has brought about so much good in the world near and far. My interest and written contributions to CWF have resulted in my great interest in Slovakia and in Dr Telensky’s immense part in Poprad’s growth. Last night’s meeting and a chance to ‘talk sense’ would have been right up my street. But as I live in the North of England it would have been slightly too far to travel.

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