The times they have known … Bob’s tribute to the other they said had no voice

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They said he was ugly and couldn’t sing … yet his career continued for 70 year. And now the legendary balladeer Charles Aznavour is gone.

Aznavour sold more than 180 million records and appeared in at least  60 films.

He once said of himself: “I know all my weaknesses: voice, height, gestures. They criticize that I am not educated and do not understand the culture,  that I am too honest.”

Yet, that other much-maligned vocalist Bob Dylan said: “Charles Aznavour is one of the greatest live performers I’ve ever seen.”

In 1998 Dylan sang “The Times We’ve Known”, an English version of

the Aznavour song “Les bons moments”. View the performance here.

CNN named Aznavour  Entertainer of the Century in 1998, and he received a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame last year.

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2 thoughts on “The times they have known … Bob’s tribute to the other they said had no voice

  1. Tim Danbrook Tom Petty was great he only considered himself sorta kinda famous at one time I guess lol. Total humility loved him

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