Top Ten tips to beat diabetes – scourge of the modern world

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Type 2 diabetes is rapidly becoming one of the scourges of  modern times, with an estimated four million Brits suffering due to their couch-potato life-style and fast-food diet.

And even more frightening is the fact that  one in three adults has pre-diabetes which means their high blood sugar levels are too high.

Now TV doctor Micheal Mosley is claiming his plan, the 8-Week Blood Sugar Diet, is changing the face of weight loss.

Research has shown that eating 800 calories a day for eight weeks is the best way to lose weight quickly, correct your blood sugar levels and dramatically reduce your risk of diabetes.

He says;

My diet plan is backed by studies which show that if it is done properly, a rapid weight-loss diet can be a safe and effective way to cut dangerous belly fat and achieve your weight-loss goals.

And it’s really not difficult. Where’s the hardship when you can tuck into 800 calories of deliciously comforting cauliflower cheese, quiche or coq au vin?

As your blood sugar levels improve you simply won’t feel hungry any more.

Dr Mosley and his wife, Dr Clare Bailey, have created what are dsecribed as ‘scrumptious low-calorie recipes’ for the 8-Week Blood Sugar Diet Recipe Book.

Dr Mosley said:

Working with nutritionist, Dr Sarah Schenker, she has created meals which contain healthy fats and nutrients and are specially designed to banish cravings and keep you feeling fuller for longer.

The real secret of the 8-Week Blood Sugar Diet though is the effect it has on a hormone called insulin.

Insulin is produced by your pancreas and one of its jobs is to keep your blood sugars under control.

Because high blood sugar levels are bad for your body, your pancreas starts to pump out insulin, to bring your blood sugar levels down. At the same time insulin will also encourage your body to store excess calories as fat. If you keep on eating a lot of sugary, starchy foods then your pancreas will struggle to keep up, desperately pumping out ever more insulin.

His top tips are:

  1. Plan your meals in advance and aim for variety to maintain your interest and a nutritional balance.
  2. Drink 2-3 litres of fluid a day to reduce your risk of tiredness, light-headedness and headaches.
  3. Drink more soup: it is great at keeping you feeling full and can be made very cheaply.
  4. Switch potatoes, pasta, rice and noodles for lower-carb nutrient-packed alternatives such as cauliflower rice, spiralised vegetables or shredded cabbage.
  5. Avoid sugar and syrups even if they claim to be ‘natural’ and use whole fruit instead .
  6. Drink hot drinks (teas, coffee, Bovril, miso soup) to suppress your appetite.
  7. Minimise alcohol, fruit juice, smoothies and cordials while on the diet — drinks can be packed with hidden calories.
  8. Build in strong flavours such as lemon, pepper, lime, chilli, garlic, gherkins, mustard and herbs to make the meals more satisfying.
  9. Take a multivitamin every other day while fasting.
  10. Be sociable and share meals with others but serve yourself smaller portions and skip the carbohydrates.

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