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Are you happy where you live? Are you proud to call your town ‘our town’ … tell the world about your house, your street, your neighbours, your  local authority, the local police – share your lives with us…

Our Town is a new feature designed to bring communities together –  here at CWF we are collating what could be the biggest data-base in the UK  of all MPs, county and borough councils, dignitaries, councillors and officials, the people who are there to help you in times of distress or upset … the sad thing, however, is that many of them are not there for you in your hours of need.

So, tell us about them too, tell us about the good the bad and the ugly … we need your help to build this data-base of major  importance, a place where you can review the performance of your member of parliament or even your parish councillor – but also tell us about the place you live and make it Our Town too…

Here we look at Harrogate, once dubbed Britain’s happiest town… 

Well, after three years, the beautiful historic North Yorkshire town has been knocked off the top spot by the Essex seaside town of Leigh-on-Sea

Leigh-on-Sea, near Southend, is described by its residents as having major community spirit, it loves the arts, has wonderful sports facilities and more than anything the locals say it has a sense of belonging. It also has a major bonus… a  sandy beach that looks out over the Thames Estuary from the Old Town.
And then of course there are the fishermen’s huts selling freshly caught produce.

Harrogate – with its Victorian Turkish baths and its healing spa water – was relegated to third place.

Troon on the west coast of Scotland, was voted as the second happiest place to live in the UK.

Online estate agents Rightmove asked 24,000 people to rank 12 factors about their local area, from how friendly their neighbours are and how much people feel that they can be themselves, to how good the local services are.

Residents in Leigh-on-Sea said there is plenty to do, with the town topping the list for good access to sports and arts activities, as well as opportunities to develop skills.
It is also a financially good  place to live too, as well. Rising house prices outside London have  led to a 15 per cent increase in asking prices, says Rightmove. It means the average price of home in the Essex seaside resort currently stands at £384,439.

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