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This is the true hell of village life for so many people across the UK … the scourge of 44 tonne HGVs using the wrong roads to deliver their goods.

This video was taken at 11am in the historic leather-working village of Woodseaves, Staffordshire.  People in the village say there are at least 1,000 HGVs a day thundering down their narrow main street, a street where Oliver Cromwell set up his command post during the bloody battle of Hopton Heath in the 1600s.

Staffordshire County Council denies there is a problem with HGVs, claiming to have figures showing less than 400 a day.

However, villagers, who say it is difficult to sell their homes now – and one family has been forced to board up the front of their ancient cottage for safety – have gathered information which, they say, proves their plight and they have handed it to CWF to investigate.

Please tell CWF if you are suffering similar problems – together we can fight the scourge of HGVs on the wrong British roads.

This is what’s really happening to hundreds of small villages all over the UK – Staffordshire County Council say we do not have a problem,  just a few hundred HGVs per day, but we have  figures that  prove it’s well over a thousand  per day.

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