A wee problem as snowflakes get cocky over leaky in Moray!

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The snowflakes have got a bit cocky over a leaky in the Scottish Borders now!

Signs advertising free use of restaurant toilets and showing people ‘with their legs crossed’ could be banned in the latest act of political incorrect-Nessy!

Scotland’s Moray Council signs for the new ‘road to relief’ campaign have been reported to the British Toilet Association — because they could offend people with conditions like incontinence or during pregnancy.

Objectors branded them “insensitive, demeaning and disrespectful”.

A council spokesman said: “They felt the rather jokey presentation was inappropriate and that some of the public would be offended.”

Even some of Moray’s councillors were apparently offended!

However, the British Toilet Association’s Raymond Martin says the sign is suitable.

He said: “People do have conditions that cause them to be embarrassed, so I understand the objections.

“But the sign doesn’t seem particularly offensive to me.

“My primary concern is ensuring there are as many publicly accessible toilets as possible.”

Well, the consumerwatchfoundation agrees! We say that the snowflakes are taking the p*ss..!

The plan follows the recent closure of 12 public conveniences.

The British Toilet Association was established in 1999, and is a Not-for-Profit Members Organisation working to promote the highest possible standards of hygiene and provision in all “away from home” toilet facilities across the United Kingdom.

They say: “We all need to use the toilet several times each day when we are away from our homes, at work, on holiday or simply commuting from place to place.

“This becomes even more urgent if you belong to one of the many specialist user groups who suffer from medical conditions that require you to have immediate access to the toilet.

“Just having access to clean, hygienic toilets when we need one is simply about our basic human rights and it fulfils an important requirement for our…”

Moray is described on Wiki-Pee-dia as  one of the 32 Local Government council areas of Scotland. It lies in the north-east of the country, with coastline on the Moray Firth, and borders the council areas of Aberdeenshire and Highlands. 


Consumer Watch Foundation

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