Whether it’s a stay-cation or smelling the coffee in Java, we all need a real holiday

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While we all wish we had a lifestyle relaxing on a sun-drenched beach, reaching for another cocktail and admiring the lavish scenery of a tropical escape, the reality is that most of us are sitting in a freezing cold office, clutching a mug of coffee and sighing as we conclude that its exactly six hours until home-time. 

Although most of us aren’t so lucky to be kicking back on a sun lounger all day, travelling, in general is a fantastic and enriching experience. And you don’t have to even get on a plane for it to benefit you. 

Taking a holiday in your own country, setting off to the coast for a few days or even just finding a beautiful hiking spot an hour down the road will do wonders for your relaxation levels – and your mental health. 

We, as humans, all need breaks, we all need breathing space from fast-paced situations and our brains, although extremely complex organs, can only handle a certain amount of stress. 

I am very fortunate to have parents who love to travel, so when I was growing up I was lucky enough to travel all round the world and see some amazing places and have some once-in-a-lifetime experiences, from visiting orang-utan sanctuaries in Borneo to deserted islands in Zanzibar and the Maldives…

I grew up learning all about different cultures, rituals and living patterns around the globe. I met and made friends with local children my own age in Goa, Bali and the Seychelles and discovered a lot about the coffee trade in Java (when I was old enough to appreciate a good flat white).

Leaving your comfort zone, if only for a week or so, really allows your body to relax,  as well as your mind. It is estimated that around 72 per cent of people take holidays in the UK, so there must be something appealing about it, well apart from getting away from the daily grind of the office of course. 

If you don’t like flying – a lot of people don’t get the obsession with sitting in sitting still for twelve hours plus, breathing in recycled air while watching reruns of TV shows that had been cancelled long ago for a reason – then rent a cottage in the countryside, take a drive down to the coast and visit some of England’s most underrated and beautiful spots or even take a city break if you want a more fun and fast-paced break away. 

I recently returned from a long weekend trip to Glasgow with friends and I found it so refreshing to explore a culture that was in a way so similar to England’s, yet so different. It was great to experience the bustle yet not be that far away from London (It helped that there were multiple Costa Coffees near the hotel as well of course for whenever I was missing home). 

Although it wasn’t a relaxing beach break, it was a different kind of get-away filled to the brim with activities, seeing the sights and even getting to see one of my favourite bands perform at Glasgow’s The Hydro, I enjoyed it thoroughly even though I was still in a city environment and it was freezing cold. 

Although I absolutely love going on holiday to exotic places, I love getting away, turning my phone off and not feeling the need to check Facebook and Instagram every two minutes.  I also enjoy just taking a few days or a weekend to catch a coach up to see the rest of my family who live in Northampton , its things like this, a change of scenery that can still have the same effect as a two week holiday to the tropics. A different place, the feeling that you’re so far away from the bustle of the city really makes you feel relaxed in itself and really does let you unwind, reset and spend some time doing things that you want to do. 

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