To whoever is reading this, let me tell you a few things you WON’T KNOW!

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Out in the Nevada desert is a place called Groom Lake, aka Paradise Ranch. It is actually better known as AREA 51 and is a top secret USA military site for the testing of new aircraft …

It will never be classified as having existed.

The people that work there – or those who have left – only know the role which was given to them. They are cleared by top security officials in Washington – but they are the ones who know what really goes on.

However, who these people are, nobody knows. How convoluted things are in the world of conspiracy and theories.

Those at the top hand down the tasks to the chain of command that deals with specific sections of the job. So, for example, say there are five stages to a job and you are third in line, you don’t know what 1, 2, 4 or 5 are doing.

Many of the outsiders (public) believe that they have alien technology and little green men working there, which is actually partly true.

The part which is true is that we do have alien technology, in the sense that we don’t know what it is…  think about that then!

Before the infamous crash that brought about the phenomena in Roswell, nobody really thought that little green men existed.  And yes, it is easy to say something has happened after it has actually happened.

So why not mention it in the first place?

Well, now I can unleash some data that will shock you and will probably get some of you excited. I have delved deep in to archives and other places to bring you evidence of what is known as the BLACK PROJECTS:

Reports of plans for a high-performance piloted replacement for the SR-71 date back decades. In 1979 it was reported that a “… Mach 4, 200,000ft – altitude aircraft that could be a follow-on to the Lockheed SR-71 strategic reconnaissance vehicle in the 1990s has been defined by the Air Force Aeronautical Systems Division and Lockheed.”

Reports of the existence of a successor to the SR-71 surfaced repeatedly during the debate over termination of the SR-71. Subsequent observations of mysterious aerial phenomena have been connected with the 1988 reports that Aurora was a Mach 6 stealthy reconnaissance aircraft that was being developed to replace the SR-71.

Aerospace analyst Wolfgang Demisch, of First Boston Company, suggested that the $10 billion program would result in the production of about 30 aircraft. More recently,

Kemper Security analyst Lawrence Harris concluded that Lockheed was involved in a hypersonic replacement for the Mach 3 plus SR-71 reconnaissance aircraft.

Circumstantial evidence suggests that this project has been underway since 1987 and  that a first flight occurred in 1989. Aurora could be operational in 1995, six years after the probable first flight. This analysis suggested that the total development costs for Aurora might range from $4.4 billion to $8 billion, with the procurement of 24 aircraft costing an additional $10 billion to $24 billion.

According to another report, by mid-1992- … Aurora was being flown from a base in the Nevada desert to an atoll in the Pacific, then on to Scotland to refuel before returning to the US at night. Specially modified tanker aircraft are being used to top up Aurora’s tanks with liquid methane fuel in mid-air. The US Air Force is using the remote RAF airbase at Machrihanish,(ex NATO base)

Strathclyde, as a staging point. The mystery aircraft has been dropping in at night before streaking back to America across the North Pole at more than six times the speed of sound. An F-111 fighter bomber is scrambling as the black-painted aircraft lands, flying in close formation to confuse prying civilian radars.”

The Air Force quickly denied the existence of a secret program, and said the “Aurora” budget line was simply one site for B-2 bomber funds when that program was highly classified. One Air Force official commented, “I wish I could say it is an SR-71 follow-on, because we’d love to have it. But it’s just accounting, I’m afraid.”

In October 1990 Aviation Week & Space Technology published reports of – “a high altitude aircraft that crosses the night sky at extremely high speed…. The vehicle typically is observed as a single, bright light – sometimes pulsating – flying at speeds far exceeding other aircraft in the area, and at altitudes estimated to be above 50,000 ft… Normally, no engine noise or sonic boom is heard.”

More recently, a sighting by two British Airways pilots and other witnesses at Manchester Airport on January 6 1995 has been attributed to the Aurora aircraft.

Reported sightings of unusual high performance aircraft are not confined to the United States. More recently, such observations have also been reported in other parts of the world, Europe being one. These reports are particularly intriguing because they are difficult to reconcile with an experimental test program, since there would be no reason for test flights to be conducted in Europe. Rather, these reports would have to be understood in the context of the deployment of an operational aircraft.

One unexplained set of observations was reported at Beale Air Force Base, the California facility that was long home to the SR-71. On two consecutive nights in late February 1992, observers reported sighting a triangular aircraft displaying a distinctive diamond-shaped lighting pattern, comprised of a red light near the nose — similar to the F-117 configuration — two ‘whitish’ lights near what would be conventional wing tips and an amber light near the tail. While the wing lights are reportedly much brighter than normal navigation lamps, they do not illuminate the aircraft’s platform. Observers claim the vehicle’s wing lights are approximately twice as far apart as those on the F-117, and nose-to-tail light spacing is about 50 percent longer than that on the stealth fighter.

In early 1992 it was reported that:”… RAF radars have acquired the hypersonic target travelling at speeds ranging from about Mach 6 to Mach 3 over a NATO-RAF base at Machrihanish, Scotland, near the tip of the Kintyre peninsula, last November and

again this past January.”It was recently reported than on 27 September 1995 David Morris of Walsall, Cornwall UK took a picture of a triangular shaped plane being refueled by a KC-135, and flanked by a pair of F-111s. The unknown aircraft appeared

to be about three-quarters the size of the KC-135. This picture has been widely distributed. However, the “refuelling” picture is a hoax — it was montaged by Bill Rose for the October 1995 issue of Astronomy Now (UK) magazine. There, it is captioned “A simulation of the refuelling of the top secret ‘Aurora’. Photo composition by Bill Rose.”






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