Why were Cleggs allowed sustained Facebook attack on Press while robo-cops ‘burned’ our letters to him?

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Ex-British politician Nick Clegg, the new multi-million face of Facebook, has finally removed his wife’s personal attack on bosses at the Daily Mail.

Nick Clegg and wife Miriam

Sir Nick, who pledged to change the uncaring, porn-ridden, robot-driven profile of the planet’s  biggest social media site is generally considered to have been conspicuous by his absence in the vagueries of his new cyber world.

The Clegg letter to the Daily Mail

His own personal page remained empty for a long time until his wife, Miriam, posted an open letter of complaint to Viscount Rothermere, chief at the Daily Mail Group, first spotted by the consumerwatchfoundation.com at the beginning of March, 2019.

It had been there, in fact, since February.

The reply the Cleggs received

We spotted it when we were trying to contact the former deputy prime minister of the UK – often jokingly described as Corporal Clegg – about the plight of many people and groups who are summarily dismissed from posting on Facebook because its army of robot ‘sheriffs’ decide they are breaking community standards.

Some of those banned from posting on a regular basis include:

David Shuberta Texan writer on Parental Alienation

Andrew John Teague – stopped from posting about his international campaign against male suicide.

Eric Wiltsher –  stopped from posting on various subjects including community radio and war veterans.

Andrea Martin – stopped from posting on many community-conscious matters

Leigh G Banks – stopped from posting on a campaigns including one to save a Grade 11 listed historic monument.

Meantime, Facebook’s community standards allow millions of people a day to receive un-solicited pornography, to be racially attacked, threatened and insulted… and violent videos and graphic videos of animal abuse are a regular feature of its robo-cop monitored pages.

Our message to Nick Clegg

The live-streaming of mass-murder at mosques in New Zealand was allowed and is now subject to an inquiry.

… And ten minutes later it is gone

This is the link to the consumerwatchfoundation’s open letter to Sir Nick, we have never received a reply or acknowledgement:


CWF news

Leigh G Banks is a former Fleet Street journalist, now a writer and broadcaster with RTI.fm

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