Who will change things if not us? Asks Sandra who decided to come home

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Today we publish the next of the interviews from this fascinating book by Zuzana Palovic,  The Great Return, Slovakia’s Lost Daughters and Sons Come Home. Zuzana is a Central Eastern European migration expert.

We talk to SANDRA STASSELOVA NGO Founder, Vnutroblok

Zuzana’s book tells the stories of people who went out into the world looking for wisdom and experience – but ultimately came back to the big little country of Slovakia as politicians, business people, writers and artists – and so many others who are becoming the intelligent bright and strong backbone of Slovakia’s future.

Now read the personal stories of those who came home …

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You can also buy The Great Return, Slovakia’s Lost Daughters and Sons Come Home from:

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As well as Slovak bookstores:

Martinus SK


Panta Rhei SK


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