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By Eric Wiltsher

In recent months it has been interesting to read the very poor muses of untrained people making numerous claims about the then FREE operating system, Windows 10.

It’s not the fault of Microsoft

Around two years ago, Microsoft released the BETA version of Windows 10. Apart from getting all the free testing by enthusiasts, it was an opportunity for Microsoft to share the new operating system with third party manufacturers.

Third party manufacturers are the companies that make things such as screens, sound cards, hard drives, CD/DVD drives, Blue Tooth add-ons etc etc.  These companies have no commercial connection with Microsoft in terms of Windows 10.

The third party manufacturers are given access to the new operating system(s) to ensure they can make their hardware compatible with the new Windows 10. The main thing they need to do is ensure the ‘Drivers’ for their hardware can communicate with Windows. This has always been the case for decades – you would expect anyone musing to the general public to know this.

In summary, it is the responsibility of the third party manufacturers to ensure their hardware works with Windows 10 and after two years you would expect them to have their act together.

So what can you do to resolve problems?

We have to accept that for various reasons many computers are not up to date. The main reason for this is we do not service our computers. If you do not service a car it eventually slows to a halt. The same can happen with a computer.
One of the issues, as noted above, is that of hardware drivers. Here is where you can really help. Our advice is to download a copy of Advances System Care.
Within that FREE package is a small tool that WILL resolve so many issues for you. That tool is the ‘driver updater’ which you will find in the section called ‘Action Centre’.
Click the GET NOW option for the ‘driver updater’ and sit back and wait. Once downloaded it will scan your computer for out of date drivers that mess with your computer.
Once the scan is complete it will download and install the best drivers for your system – please note this connects to the third party manufacturers drivers. It is not part of Windows Update.
After the installations are complete you will probably be asked to reboot your computer – this can take a while.

What is the result?

99% of the time this will give your computer a new lease of life. However, it is really designed for consumer products, not home-brew computer builds.

More servicing tools

Advanced System Care also has a one-stop/fix-all option called ‘Clean & Optimize. When you use this option ensure all the small boxes are ticked. When you start Clean & Optimize using the SCAN button please ensure you select the Auto fix and Reboot option – you will find this via the two arrows facing down, underneath the scan button.

What Next?

Have a cup of tea of coffee.  The scan will do everything you need. Be patient this could take a while and when the computer reboots it could appear slow to start, that’s fine.

And now?

That should cure the vast majority of Windows 10 issues without a trip to your local computer store.
N.B. If you are using very old equipment, Vista or XP computers, the above may not work as the third party manufacturers may not support 2016 operating system upgrades. Again note, it is the third party manufacturers who are not supporting you, not Microsoft/Windows.

If you have an older computer

Don’t upgrade to Windows 10, it probably won’t suit, potentially, your computer. We have tested Windows 10 on a very early combination laptop. It worked. However, using the calculator would have been quicker using a cheap desk calculator.
In terms of older software, we have tested Paint Shop Pro back to a version issued in 1994 as a complimentary CD with a computer magazine. It worked.

In summary

Take no notice of an author telling you everything is the fault of Microsoft. It’s like saying ‘It’s your fault Mr Car maker’ when a tyre goes flat. You wouldn’t do it, so why blame Microsoft when YOUR third party hardware doesn’t work.


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Advanced System Care

Super Anti Spyware (select the free option – this clever software will remove nasties that naughty software and websites install on your computer)

Avast anti-virus never run your computer without anti-virus.

Altering computer settings can only be undertaken at your own risk. Whilst we take great care to only offer you quality solutions, the final decision has to be yours. As with a motor vehicle, take it to a service centre if you cannot be sure you can complete everything yourself.

Eric Wiltsher

Eric is a former BBC TV, radio & online journalist. Now lives in Slovakia and is MD of a digital media company

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