The world’s deadliest year of terror

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Last year was the deadliest in developed countries since 9/11, new terror information has revealed.

The Global Terrorism Index from Australia shows the impact terrorism has had on the world in 2015 and makes it clear that Isis is leading Boko Haram as the most dangerous group in the world, responsible for 6,141 deaths in 250 cities.

The UK and United States are described as being ‘above average’ victims of terrorism. Australia is a lower terrorism risk and comes in as the 59th.

Iraq, Afghanistan, Nigeria, Pakistan and Syria were the countries hit hardest, accounting for 72 per cent of all terrorism deaths last year.

There was also the November attacks in Paris where 136 people in a hail of bullets and bombs and less than a year earlier 12 people were murdered in the offices of the magazine Charlie Hebdo. Two days after the Charlie Hebdo massacre hostages were taken in Port de Vencennes. Four were killed

In October, the Airbus A321, flight 9268, with 214 Russian and three Ukrainian passengers and seven crew, was attacked by Isis over Egypt.

Poland and Vietnam, perhaps not unexpectedly, are the least beleaguered countries.

And on the positive side, deaths from terrorism decreased by ten per cent in 2015 to 29,376. This is the first decrease since 2010.

However, Isis-affiliated groups carried out attacks in 28 countries in 2015, up from 13 countries in 2014. 

The most fatal terrorist attack to date was carried out by ISIL when they executed 300 civilians in Qaim, Iraq.

Twenty-three countries recorded their highest number of deaths from terrorism in 2015. Thirty-four countries were completely free of terrorism in 2015.

The annual GTI is produced by Australian think tank, the Institute for Economics and Peace.

Although these figures are frightening, they do not compete with what is described in the US as the Golden Age of terrorism  in the 1970s. Terrorism in the United States was   a   common feature of life: There were literally hundreds of terrorist bombings, shootings and hijackings – since 9/11 there have been only two-dozen   attacks.

During the decade of the 1970s terrorists killed 184 people in the States and injured more than 600 others. Since 9/11, terrorists have killed 74.

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